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  • As inter club member, do I get the chance to ask for away tickets?
    Yes, As an inter club member you have the possibility to make a request for a nominal, non-transferable ticket each and every away Champions League match Inter plays during the season.
  • When should I submit a ticket request?
    Only after being prompted by us. Specifically, INTER sends formal notification of the requests window opening to every inter club at the same time, including the London one. Any prior ticket request will be ignored.
  • When will Inter FC notify inter club about the ticket request window opening?
    This communication is generally sent about a month before the match and the window lasts about 10 days.
  • How will the Inter Club London notify me that it is time to submit a ticket request?
    Inter Club London will notify you via your registered email, indicating the information about the match and the request timing, asking to reply to the email in order to formally place your request; More details will be provided within the notification email.
  • What will happen once I have submitted the ticket request?
    Inter Club London will send to INTER all the requests we gather; after a couple of days after the closure of the requests window, INTER will reply to Inter Club London telling us the overall number of tickets available to Inter Club London members. At that point, we will communicate to our members if they will receive a ticket, its price, and the deadline for the payment.
  • How do I secure my ticket once I am told I am eligible?
    If you are eligible, you will have to pay the ticket before the communicated deadline.The ticket will be delivered the day of the match in the city of the fixture following the indication from INTER which will be explained closer the matchday.
  • What if the ticket's face value differs from what I was asked to pay?
    Inter Club London does not change the price of the ticket from the one communicated from FC INTERNAZIONALE. The amount might vary from the one displayed on the ticket because of ticket office costs applied by FC INTERNAZIONALE and/or be sensibly adjusted because of currency change and transfer fees.
  • In case of limited tickets available, how does Inter Club London decide who will get the tickets?
    Tickets eligibility comes in place just in those cases when the number of tickets we request to INTER will exceed the number of tickets INTER allocates back to Inter Club London. In that situation, which is more likely to happen for Tier1 matches, we will choose who to give the tickets to, based on a number of criteria.
  • What are the criteria that affect the eligibility?
    - Member longevity (how many consecutive years of membership you have with ICL) - Affiliation date (members who renewed or joined in June will have priority on members who renewed or joined in July and so on) - Physical and virtual participation to the club life (coming to watch the matches with us, follow us on social media, interacting and commenting, participating to events like raffles, dinners, and charity events) - Away match fidelity (if you requested a ticket for tier 2 matches like Viktoria Plzen-Inter will have a bigger chance to receive the tickets for tier 1 fixtures)
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  • Why do FAQs matter?
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